German multi-platform radio, and linking to podcasts with least friction

Above: I needed an image for Podnews last week, after NPR said they were looking into accepting donations on smart speakers. One of the benefits of having a traveller’s wallet, full of different currencies…

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  • We need an industry chart for UK podcasters, says James Purnell, boss of BBC Radio. The BBC has hitherto refused to release its podcast figures, citing commercial confidentiality; I’m delighted to hear that they’re thinking of changing their mind. I’d rather have an industry chart for podcasts available in the UK, though - I’d suspect This American Life is in the top ten, and it would be useful to know that. (Concerning line from the article: “We’re talking to Apple”.)

  • Nick Cohen: “The BBC: platitudinous, frightened, and irrelevant” - it’s a bit strong, but this piece on Brexit coverage of the BBC does hit home.

  • Big challenges ahead for (TV) broadcasters after Brexit, according to this analysis.. Not least in terms of broadcast licences.

  • This man must be on a ratings bonus. More seriously, this was a very clever hire by LBC; he’s not a bad broadcaster, either.

  • The BBC has perplexingly agreed (however forced) to publish their talent’s salaries. Chris Evans earns £1.6m. I understand the publishing of senior management salaries; but talent, surely, comes under commercial confidentiality. I feel for the Corporation, and for the talent whose salary has been rather crudely revealed. The general public don’t understand talent salaries, and these figures will always appear too high. The unbridled jealousy of the British press shines through once more.


  • New South Australian internet station to play 100% Australian music - this is an interesting idea. I’m told it’s not the first; but the release makes a good point that everything else is driven by Sydney/Melbourne.

  • Great news for @oc - and quite surprising for a new breakfast show: his first figures are up. Station is #1, and he’s #2. Go, Britain! (Seriously, this is a broadcaster who’s done his homework. Admirable mix of “I’m new here, it’s all foreign” and casual, spot-on, cultural references.)

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