What is a radio, anyway?

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  • 2018 Internet Trends: that Mary Meeker thing that comes out every year. Very good read. There’s no mention of ‘podcast’; but a few mentions of radio - you’d like slide 96, which says that Americans spend 13% of media time with radio, yet it only gets 9% of ad spend. That means radio gets about US$9.3bn less than it ought to, Meeker appears to be arguing: at least, she argues similar for mobile. Incidentally, this is a 294 page slide deck, but it is meant for reading: so don’t worry about the video you might see elsewhere.

  • Ramadan in Saudi Arabia: peak radio listening, and no music allowed

  • Consistency is a major reason for any media’s success. The Economist knows that. How many radio stations have a style guide, I wonder?

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