Is radio dead? A futurist thinks so...

Greetings from a relaxed holiday weekend; and many thanks to my Patreon supporters, without whom I’d not be able to have put this week’s together. If you help - thank you; if you don’t, please do consider the price of a cup of coffee a month (or more!)

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  • The future of radio is still content-focused, according to… me. So that’s nice. From Radiodays Europe.

  • I was interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s Feedback programme (live from my desk in Brisbane after a 26 hour flight home). This section was pre-recorded, and is all the better for it: some, dare I say, less good questions were edited out before transmission. (As I often say, ’live is lazy')

  • Is radio dead? This futurist thinks so - I looked at one of the speeches, by a futurist, at Radiodays Europe.

  • I do enjoy putting together the very short Podnews podcast. Give me two minutes, I’ll give you the world of podcasting. This one is relatively indicative of how they go, complete with slightly gratuitous talking-up-to-the-post. If you’d like a podcast news bulletin for your radio station - can’t think why, but still - I’d be happy to talk: I also produce a weekly version, which is about four minutes, every Monday.

  • Is your station producing daily briefings for the Amazon Echo? I’m getting tons of traffic from mine.

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