Live radio is... lazy radio?

Above - a clever idea for a radio station branded thing - something actually quite useful that will be in someone’s eyeline for hours every day.

My column

  • Live radio is lazy radio - I can’t help but feel that my column this week might annoy some people. (Let’s hope they read it first!). It’s kicked up some interesting comment on the various sites that I write for; some people arguing against everything being voice-tracked (not what I’m asking for), and others understanding what I’m saying a little more. It’s even got me into a Spanish podcast. This video shows nice segues using RCS Zetta, and rather underlines the point - to just mash songs and sweepers together while live simply can’t produce the same effect. And, of course, some bits of radio should be live - don’t, for example, pre-record travel news days in advance…!

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  • France: La Maison de la Radio - a day in the life of Radio France, from 2013. Worth a watch, says a correspondent. (Also on iTunes apparently)

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