James Cridland

What's in my iPod

I don’t use my iPod Nano for music. Really. Instead, on my iPod…

Al Murray: The Pub Landlord, Virgin Radio
Buzz Out Loud, Cnet
The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show, Virgin Radio
Floss, twit.tv
Iain Lee, LBC 97.3
Inside the Net, twit.tv
The Martin Kelner Podcast, Martin Kelner
MediaTalk from Guardian Unlimited
Off the Hook, WBAI New York
On the Media, WNYC New York
Pocket Planet Radio
The Geoff Show, Virgin Radio
The Now Show, BBC Radio 4
This Week in Tech, twit.tv

I’m a paid subscriber to the twit.tv network; and while I do work for Virgin Radio, I’d probably still get the podcasts I subscribe to, because I rather enjoy them.

Yes, there is music on my iPod too; but I can’t read and listen to speech, and nor can I type listening to speech - I just zone out of speech and it just turns to noise. So, the music’s there for some noise to listen to while I’m typing on the tube (which I appear to do moderately regularly these days…)