I have listened to some podcasts

A view from the future: I had bought an iPod Nano the day before.

…and here’s the scores so far.

The Telegraph Podcast. Nice idea. But. Problem. Articles. Read out. By bloke. And it doesn’t work. Because they’re very dull articles. Read out in a very dull fashion. By bloke. Who doesn’t understand the articles. And therefore even more boring. Than it otherwise would be. So. No. Not good. Deleted.

Slashdot Review. Nice idea. Good. Read by bloke. Who sounds as if he doesn’t quite understand the articles. But. Good bloke nonetheless. Today in the middle of the stories, he told us that his old car was crap. And that he was getting rid of it. Possibly. And now back to the headlines. Good. Enjoyable. Ends with music. No real point. But quite good. Keeping it.

New Scientist Podcast. Sounds dull. But is excellent. Really good. Pacy, US presenters, interview quite good UK editorial team. Faked-up transatlantic interview doesn’t detract from it. Good production values. Accessible, and listenable. Keeping it. Excellent.

Richard Bacon Go Home Show. Properly produced. Jude’s done well on this. Sounding nice. Presented as podcast, rather than snoop tape. Nicely done. (Shame the content’s not particularly to my taste, but not finished listening to all of it). Keeping it. For now.

43 Folders. Not updated since 10 November. Rubbish.

In other news: On The Media still isn’t downloading.