Nice shared video, and Tesla start taking AM/FM radio out of their cars

Above, from a trip to Wellington in New Zealand last week. Um…

Hello. Strange times, these. Suddenly, that section of my recent presentations about “do you need a radio studio at all” is a little more useful - highlighting Nation Radio in Glasgow, or the upcoming Alfred Radio in Shaftesbury, which don’t have studios at all (and instead rely on peoples’ home offices). Lots of technology can help - and if anything, just-in-time voicetracking could really make your station the community hub that it should be.

Good luck everyone. We’ll need it, I think. Here’s mostly coronavirus-free trends from radio over the past few weeks…

Decent radio is more than just show and go. Here’s a £1 week-long trial of Show Prep that’ll supercharge any radio show. ($)

I use Sendy to send this mailing list out. It’s like MailChimp, but no monkeying around with high fees (it’s 100x cheaper). The API is a most excellent thing (and, as a result, media·info uses it to send out the daily news briefings too). Very good for your station/podcast. ($)

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