Online listening up (a bit); smart speakers aren't all good though

  • Triton Digital’s monthly ranker for internet radio streams is out for October 2018. By comparison with October 2017, iHeartRadio is up 52%, Prisa Radio is up 54%, NPR is up 35%, and Sky Radio up 27%.

Hey, I bet you looked at this interpretation of Triton Digital’s streaming figures and wondered what was going on in my head. Me too.

I was confused by a different order in the reports, but also confused by numbers. They’re scary, squiggly things that I have trouble with sometimes.

iHeart is up 7% year-on-year; not, as I said, 52%.

It would still be fascinating to see a breakdown of platform for these figures. But there’s not the story there that I clearly thought there was on a hot Saturday afternoon. Sorry.

I’m in New York in a few weeks (and other places too - see below). If you’re in NYC, it would be great to catch up.

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