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RadioDNS is born

Posted on Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 at 4:01 pm. #

RadioDNS announcement

A great day yesterday in Geneva, as RadioDNS, the way of linking broadcast radio to IP, was finally born.

Now, there’s a proper organisation ensuring that radio receivers can be cleverer – using broadcast radio for scalable, reliable audio; and the internet for personalisations and back channels.

Your organisation (or you!) can now apply to be a member.

Do pop along to the RadioDNS website to discover more about what it is (that’s me talking slowly on that video), and to apply to be a member, supporter, user, or friend.

I’m hugely grateful to those on the Statutes Drafting Team for their help; for the EBU for their support and advice; to all the Supporters for their, um, support; and Nick Piggott who’s done most of the work around the formation of RadioDNS.

Come and change the (radio) world with us. It’ll be fun.

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[...] Radio DNS. Perhaps another future of radio using the Internet. [...]

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