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Radio makes you feel happy and energised – part two

Posted on Thursday, June 30th, 2011 at 10:41 am. #

How Jack makes you feel...

The other day, I posted about the RAB’s good new research – Radio makes you happy and more energetic – official.

It turns out that this isn’t the only research that’s been done on this.

In 2007, Sparknet Communications, the folks behind the wildly successful JACK fm radio brand, asked 1,000 JACK fm listeners (in the US) how JACK made them feel.

And the answer?

71% of listeners described JACK fm as making them feel “happy” (male: 63%, female: 78%).

The second most popular answer?

51% of listeners described JACK fm as making them feel “energized” (male 43%, female 58%).

Just like the RAB’s research, females were more affected by emotion; and just like the RAB’s research, radio has a significantly positive effect towards mood and energy.

(Since this study, Sparknet has continued to see ‘happy’ and ‘energized’ being continued reasons to listen).

It’s great to see such positive research about radio: and even better to see it correlated by research that’s happened elsewhere.

Why’s this important? As the RAB says in its research, messages with a high emotional appeal tend to be more effective and offer better return on investment. Put simply, advertising on radio reaches people in a better, more receptive mood. Which must be good for advertisers.

Thank you to Garry Wall, the President of Sparknet Communications, for reaching out. Very interesting stuff, and it makes me happy too.

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