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It's a radio transmitter!

Posted on Saturday, July 23rd, 2011 at 12:54 pm. #

A big building in Lyon

I took the above photograph when in Lyon, France, recently. Yesterday, a comment on my Flickr feed:

Hi James, this big building is the “Basilique de Fourvière” and hosts Towercast and TDF FM antennas, hidden on each tower top.

(Towercast is the Arqiva of France – the “leading” transmission provider there. TDF is a similar broadcast operator, focusing on digital television and mobile networks).

The original copper has been replaced by same color polyester tops. We can see on your picture that the front left antenna (Towercast) is being renovated. the front right is the backup antenna for Towercast. Where radio and religion collide!

Indeed. Thank you, Antoine, for your enlightening comment.

The building looms over Lyon, and has a more traditional transmitter mast next to it, built (according to another commenter) in 1894 (and intended, as I discover on Wikipedia, as a secular monument to counterbalance the Catholic Basilique.)

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