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iGoogle – BBC Weather gadget

Posted on Saturday, September 1st, 2007 at 9:54 pm. #

‘Storm cloud’ (in Oslo) from *saipal on Flickr. Used under licence.

One of the cleverest things at the BBC is their BBC Backstage thing, which allows the BBC to get closer to clever developers. “Use our stuff to build your stuff” is a nice ideal, and Matt & Ian, the two behind Backstage, are good at engaging the development community.

The list of feeds for Audio & Music isn’t great, and I hope to be able to build-in proper feeds going forward. No OPML feed for BBC podcasts seems like something that ought to be easy to fix. However, there are plenty of nice feeds elsewhere.

One such decent feed is from the BBC Weather site. I use iGoogle, and would rather know where my weather forecast’s coming from than the default version; so an hour’s coding over a cup of tea has given the world http://ig4bbcweather.notlong.com, a little iGoogle gadget to bring you the latest BBC Weather forecast.

You can edit the settings to choose your UK placename; the full forecast from the BBC Weather website is just a click away.

This joins Media UK’s media news feed and Media UK’s live player (every single live radio station from the UK, and even some live TV) as some of the iGoogle gadgets on my front page. And, coincidentally, some of the iGoogle gadgets I’ve written.


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commenting at April 10th, 2008 at 11:20 am

Thanks for the great gadget (I wish there was Mac OS widget from bbc too). Just one comment: is it possible to make it compact? I see a lot of space around the weather information that’s unused. I have lots of gadgets and would be nice to retrieve some of the space.

Many thanks again!

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