Radio marketing

Hello. I know it’s been over a month since my last “weekly” newsletter, but there we are - the day job getting in the way! Here’s some week-before-Christmas reading for you, because clearly you’re just winding down for the holidays and aren’t doing three times the amount of work, are you?

Excited that I’ll be speaking at Podcast Movement Evolutions (March, Las Vegas); Radiodays Europe (March, Prague); the NAB Show (April, Las Vegas again, tbc); the NZ Podcasting Summit (May, Auckland) and Radiodays North America (June, Toronto). The event industry isn’t, yet, fully back on track - but it looks as if it’s having a bloody good go at it!

I’m no longer very active on Twitter, but if you’re in the fediverse (like on Mastodon), then you can follow me over there. I’m - search for me from your own place on Mastodon to find and follow me.

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