Media consumption from New Zealand; iHeart adds music discovery playlist

Well, since we last spoke, I went to Vancouver for the day, which was nice. I’m currently flying to Chicago (and if you’d like to catch up while I’m there, Wed/Thu daytime, just hit reply.) Then, thankfully, I’m not due on a plane for a month - making my way to London for the Next Radio conference. If you read this newsletter, you’ll love the conference - a day with like-minded people, in central London. You should come!


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  • Interesting to spot Aussie radio making TV. (Also interesting to give equal billing to YouTube as well as ABC’s own iView product)

  • Australia appears to be the home of the unfunny radio stunt. Here’s a classic of the genre, retold by Adam Hills.

  • From Australia’s youth station triplej, a very good piece of research into young people. This is really good stuff: the opportunity of a ton of press stories, great audience research, and a good way to align triplej as ’the good guys’ looking after their audience. (Their CD, Ollie Wards, is speaking at Next Radio in London - you should come!)

  • A man called Matt visits a Facebook troll - this is an interesting bit of video from (a) TripleM in Australia.

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