Australia's christmas sabotage, and UK radio to get deregulated

Above: spotted by Steve Martin in a taxi near Heathrow Airport, a DAB user interface that mimics a radio dial. Argh.

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United States

  • SiriusXM To Pay Higher Royalty Rate - 15.5%, higher than the UK’s already high rates.

  • TicToc by Bloomberg - a new TV channel on Twitter - is kind of like Euronews. Lots of automated clips. I can see it being useful in supermarket queues, though also useful is a complex thing called “reading”.

United Kingdom

  • UK radio is being deregulated - David Lloyd looks at what it might mean, and John Myers has a go too. In short: no more music format regulation, news will be quite tightly regulated, no requirement for local programming, old AM/FM licences can be handed back if you don’t want them and they won’t be re-advertised, DAB multiplexes has no regulatory requirement for approval of changes. Much of this isn’t too different to where we are now, it seems to me - great swathes of output is networked anyway, and DAB multiplexes could change anything they wanted just by asking. That said, I’m pleased to see the AM/FM licence non-re-advertising thing, since I’ve been calling for that for some time.

  • Radioplayer searches for tech partner - this is a big opportunity for radio tech companies.

  • Just in time for Christmas, the Global Player, from the UK’s largest commercial radio group, is now available (fittingly, globally) on Android devices.

  • Interesting blog post from the BBC who are going https. Particularly, mobile networks fiddle with data sent in http and break things (one of the reasons I went https a while back - I found one coffee shop adding ads on the top of my own website!).

  • No idea how real this list of royalty figures for Christmas songs is, but if true, goodness.

  • Anyone want to buy a radio station in the UK? Here you go…

  • UK television discovers local radio’s favourite phone-in subject.

  • My Top 200 Tweeters of 2017” - Iain Dale knows how to get a retweet

  • This is a nice thing for a radio station to do - congratulations, BBC Radio York.



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