James Cridland

Stripe: seeing UK cards being rejected?

Using Stripe for credit card payments, and you use the stripe.js library? Based in the UK or taking a lot of UK payments?

Stripe doesn’t support 3D Secure (aka Verified by VISA), and doesn’t support AVS (Address Verification) by default. The UK is one of the highest users of these systems to combat fraud. So, many of your users’ attempts to pay will be rejected.

The lack of 3D Secure is fine — indeed, a wonderful breath of fresh air. I loathe that pop-up window of nastiness. But it’s only fine so long as you enable AVS. You do so by setting data-billing-address to ‘true’ in the Stripe.js call. (Not ‘data-address’ as Stripe’s AVS documentation says.)

That appears to get the banks to check both the first-line of the address, the postcode, correctly check the CVC, and… accept the payment.

I’ve just tested it with someone who’s card was initially rejected.

So, now you know.