James Cridland

What happened to my show?

Once upon a time, in a distant world, I was a radio presenter, broadcasting on a station called The Pulse in Bradford.

I had a great time. For a year I presented the drive time show, and then, when they sacked a certain Chris Moyles, I went and did his show instead (more info in his book, if you’re interested). I interviewed people, opened fetes, wrote articles on the internet, and it cemented my interest in radio, giving me some really useful experience.

I notice that people don’t get the same chance I did any more. Tucked away in this article is the news that my little station no longer appears to have its own evening show, taking a networked show till 1am.

I do understand the benefit of networking to small radio stations; and am very aware of the financial restraints that some of these stations are under. It’s no doubt that networking a ‘better’ show is the right thing to do.

However, it would appear that there are less and less jobs in the industry. I probably wouldn’t be still involved in radio were it not for those two years being a radio presenter. The information I learnt was tremendous, and the experience of being on-air (an experience I had until the middle of 2000) was a great thing: and still stands me in good stead today.

It’s a real shame - albeit an economic inevitability - that “my show” no longer exists any more; and that more and more young people are missing out on the first rung of their radio career.