James Cridland

Full house


John Naughton posts this nice picture of me at work (CC licenced) - thank you, John, that makes me look incredibly popular, and misses the empty rows at the front!

Amazing building, the Open University. And the sound in this hall was impeccably good; making virtually every radio conference I’ve been to appear poor by comparison. (Two notable exceptions: the BBC Audio and Music Festival, and the Radio Academy’s “Radio at the Edge” conference last year). Good after-speech chat, too, with some really very bright minds.

(Hello, too, to you if this is your first time reading this blog. I predict a stampede from one organisation today; remember that I’m perfectly entitled to change these views to the, harrumph, right ones. Do also note that this is not my idea of a great-looking website, and really one day I ought to make it look a little less bobbins.)

Note from the future: I would suspect that final paragraph is something to do with my recruitment process at the BBC.