I’m getting addicted, I think. To the wonders of

What’s interesting is that I’m not particularly a music fan. But, more and more, I find myself enjoying all kinds of music from this service. is not for the faint-hearted. It takes a ridiculous amount of listening to your own music to educate the system as to what music you like - over 200 tracks, or over thirteen hours of music. But once you do, it’s quite impressive - the system knows what you like, and hitting ‘recommend radio’ will play more that it thinks you’ll like.

Coming home tonight, I didn’t fancy the television, and sat down to go through the Google Reader list - confusingly, I’ve got it to simultaneously insist it has nothing more for me to read, and that I’ve over 100 unread items - to the accompaniment of I started off with a ‘cover’ station: I rather enjoy listening to different cover versions, and have discovered the benefit of’s tagging facility. Then it was off to recommendation radio, a list of recommended tracks from the community (most of which appear to be really rather offball tonight). And now it’s my own personal station, songs I’m comfortable with.

Of course, I can only get this musical choice - devoid of advertising and DJ witter - at the end of an internet connection. When out walking, in the car, or in the bath, I don’t get access to it. Yet.

But all that will surely change at some point.

I wonder what happens to music radio - pure music radio - when that happens? The real talents of the broadcasting world, the Wogans, O’Connells, Moyles’s, they’ll be fine. But what happens to the competent DJ - the instantly forgettable daytime presenter on your local radio station, who does nothing but read the sponsorship credits and pleads with you not to switch off during the next overly-long ad break? How long do these people have, before services like, Pandora, et al, replace them? After all, with these online services, I can have the actual music I want - with new and surprising tracks (I’ve just been served up Wilco, a band I never thought I’d ever go for, and rather enjoyed it).

In the car over the weekend, incidentally, I listened to a bit of Capital Radio. One eager presenter told me with great fanfare that I had just been listening to some song or other, and he had a name, and he was on Capital Radio, and he was on till 4pm or something, and now I was listening to Oasis, “…and THIS is the Masterplan”. No shit, sherlock. Now, tell me something interesting: because I tell you what, with that kind of vacuous rubbish, wireless internet in my car couldn’t come far enough.