In Athens

Can’t quite make my mind up about Athens. Yes, the Parthenon’s damn impressive, yet when you get up close, you realise it’s a massive building site (with nobody working on it). Yes, the tube is brand new and beautiful, though you realise that it was all put there for the Olympics, and that many of the shops are still desperately trying to sell 2004 Olympics tat over one year later.

My principle observations so far have been:

  1. It’s a long way away. I mean, a REALLY long way away. Especially if you’re sitting next to the type of stupid American who reads the articles from the British Airways magazine out in wonderment and surprise to her long-suffering friend.
  2. Everyone drives bloody dangerously, and frankly, I think they’re all a bit bloody mad
  3. Everyone smokes everywhere
  4. The local beer is called Mythos (which I do fully intend to take a photograph of tomorrow).
  5. Most of Athens is a bit run down and dirty, but there are some nice bits.
  6. It does rain occasionally in Athens.

Most of the above have taken me by surprise.

A view from the future: In 2023, I find the observation that Greece is a “really long way away” from Athens - a three hour 45 minute flight - to be cute.